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Here you will find digitized resources from the Archives. 

The primary source documents displayed here include photographs, artwork, letters, scrapbooks, student writing and school publications.  Resources are first organized by decade and then grouped into photographic, print, or subject files.  Resources within these files are generally listed in chronological order.  Feel free to browse and explore.
Some resources are part of the Reader, and are identified by the following icon:. The Reader identifies the most evocative resources of a decade and provides background essays on national, local and school historical context for those primary source documents. Many documents are also parts of Lesson Plans.  Unlike the Reader, lesson plans generally group resources by theme rather than strictly by decade.  Examples of these themes include physical education of women, the flappers, and war work. 

This site is designed to showcase resources from the archives, cluster them together in meaningful groups, connect those resource groups to their historical context, and provide study questions and lesson plans for students and teachers.  This website is not a database. It has neither a search engine nor much in the way of metadata.  Those functions are left to the Digital Quilt, a searchable database of the Dana’s digital files.  As the Digital Quilt’s database expands, and resources become available through that source, those resources will be removed from this website and links will be provided to the Digital Quilt’s files. 


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