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Physical Campus

Oral Histories

  • "Safe Space in Turbulent Times: Dana Hall in the 1960s and 1970s, as seen through interviews with Tia Pinney '70 and Joy Moore '77"
    by Harriet Groppe '06
    May, 2005

Gender Roles

  • "Katherine Lee Bates and Katharine Coman: Sex, Love, and Yellow Clover" by Rhys Hackford, Senior Project, spring 2006.
  • "1920s Dana Hall: Rebellion and Tradition in Progressive Times"
    by Danielle Prague '06
    May, 2005
  • "Feminism, Phelps, and Dana Hall School in the Sixties and Seventies"
    by Nadine Dodge '06
    May, 2005


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