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Student Research

Here you will find students’ research papers on topics relating to Dana Hall history.

Student research is organized by department, topic, and decade.  Obviously, most papers are written in Social Studies classes.  Hopefully more papers will be written for other departments in the future, representing the different ways we can write about the past.   

Many of these papers use primary resources from this website and the Digital Quilt as supporting evidence and inspiration.  Where possible, the citations for those resources are hypertext links to digital reproductions of those archival resources.  This is just one example of way that publishing on the web can add a dynamic element to student writing and research.  Hopefully students will explore this connectivity further in their work in future years.
Many of the papers displayed here have grown out of students’ work on the Dana Hall Memory Project Wiki.  The Wiki is an on-line encyclopedia of Dana Hall history.  The content for the wiki is student-generated and edited.  As wikis are especially designed to facilitate collaborative work, many of the wiki entries are written by teams of students.  After working through their analysis and arguments on the wiki, some students turn their wiki entries into full research papers.  Those papers are displayed here. 

Archiving and publishing student papers on this website serves several educational purposes.  It provides future students with models of research, giving them a clearer vision of what can be done.  In reading others’ work, students can more clearly see what research methods and writing styles are more or less effective.  Finally, students can take inspiration from their peers and build on the research of their forbearers to further our understanding of Dana history. 

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