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Student life and leisure

"Life at Boarding School: Dana Hall in the 1920s" is an account by Barbara Noyes Smith '25 of her years at Dana, including athletics, traditions, academics, boys, and much more. From the Dana Hall Bulletin, 1991

Further Reading

Winifred Lowry Post's Purpose and Personality: the Story of Dana Hall. This chapter focuses on the school's growth under Miss Helen Temple Cooke. (PDF)
Grimes' unpublished history

Mildred Grimes' unpublished history of Dana Hall. The following are typed and handwritten notes on the Cooke years. (PDF)

A history of the "Revels" tradition, written by Pam Kaplan, Dana Hall Archivist.
Hellen Temple Cooke years, by Mildred Grimes This unpublished history of Dana Hall covers from 1907-1922
Notes on a future essay for this section:
  • New era
  • Women gain right to vote, 19th.
  • Flapper
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • Political Laisses faire.
  • Materialism explodes
  • by 1920, the majority of americans lived in cities (51.2%)
  • Lines of Defense
    • Palmer raids, 1920 and red scare
    • Sacco and Vanzetti 1921
    • Scopes Trial
  • Economic Collapse

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