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Further Reading

"1881 Foundings", by Eric Goodson

The Town of Wellesley and the Dana Hall School were both founded in 1881. Thus, just as Wellesley residents were reveling in their independence from Needham and celebrating the unique character of their town, Henry Durant spun off the preparatory program of Wellesley College into its own, distinct institution. How did the founding of Wellesley influence the establishment of Dana Hall? What was the environment into which the school was born? How might the cultural values of Wellesley at its founding have been imprinted on the fledgling school? "1881 Foundings: Wellesley, Dana Hall, and the Creation of a "Superior Sphere" explores these and other questions pertaining to the origins of Wellesley and Dana Hall.


Purpose and Personality, by Winifred L. Post
Winifred Lowry Post's Purpose and Personality: the Story of Dana Hall. This chapter focuses on the school's founding and operation under the Eastman Sisters. (PDF)
unpublished history, by Mildred Grimes

Mildred Grimes' unpublished history of Dana Hall. This section deals with the school under the Eastman Sisters. (PDF)

Published in June of 1899, this edition of a popular local newspaper focuses on Dana Hall. It addresses "The Beginnings of Dana Hall," "The Growth of the School," "Dana Hall Alumnae," and "Dana Hall From the Inside."
Resources on Katherine Lee Bates
Levine, Lawrence. Highbrow/Lowbrow: the Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1990.

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