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This project has been made possible by the diligent work of many people.

A special thanks to archivist Stephanie Long, who devoted her valuable time and formidable knowledge of school history to help student researchers through the years. Library director Liz Gray has also supported the project from the outset and sought ways to improve student access to the archives. Archivist Pam Kaplan has also been a wonderful resource to the school.

Many thanks to faculty members Gene Scattergood of the Visual Arts department, whose "Timeline Club" got me interested in teaching through Dana Hall history, and Kelly Powers of the Technology department, whose use of school history in her various courses has been inspiring.

And most of all, thanks to all the student researchers through the years:

2002-2003: Katie Minetti
2003-2004: Becky Simpson '05, Eugenie Rose '05, etc….
2004-2005: Gek Puay Teo '05, Nadine Dodge '06, Katie Wadsworth '06, Harriet Groppe '06
2005-2006--The following students from the class of '07 worked on taking oral histories from alumnae, faculty, and staff: Arielle DaCosta, Alexandra Meredith, Anna Albani, Clare Klemmer, Hannah Parker, Caroline Washburne, Anna "Brook" Everts, Brenda Hsu, Katie Hoar.
2006-2007: The following students did research in the archives: Brenda Hsu '06, Erin Knight '06, Sam Frick '07, Katie Davis '07, Zina Tazin '07, Taylor Barrett '07, Liz Gilmartin '07.
2007-2008: Sam Frick '08, Katie Davis '08, Nicole Suen '08, Lilianna Christman, Noemia Nau 09, Katie Henry 08, Elizabeth Gilmartin 08, Caroline Sykes 08, Kristen Brauer 09, Naimah Muhammad 09, Lucy Sosa 09, Michaela Beckmann 09, Christina Ellinger 09, Taylor Barrett 08, Taylor Walsh-Sperpico 09, Shin-Young Lee 09, Daeun Jong 09.
2008-2009: Emily Soukas 09, Courtney Campion 10, Alexandra Lane 10, Rose Killelea 10, Elizabeth Green 09, Kara Wipperfeld 09, Ariana Pappas 10, Angela Choi 10, Abigail Takesian 10, Stephanie Fox 09, Emily Greenwald 09, Atiyyah Sabir 10, Kristen Brauer 09, Carrie Cecil 09, Amanda Kafil 10, Kayla Marguerite 10, Christina Ellinger 09, Adrianne Wurzl 10, Michaela Beckmann 09.


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